Friday, March 17, 2006

sycophant corner

i thought i would move onwards from my surreal dream-states to a new segment on MOADD - the sycophant corner.

in today's episode i would like to put forward Kirsty Lloyd, chair of the British Medical Association's Medical Student Committee. her job, which i'm sure ensures her a fountain of tea and cakes when she visits the BMA head office, is to be the public face of the thousands of medical students in this country, bringing key issues that affect her colleagues into the limelight.

now to be honest medical students have never had that much to moan about really. until now. at a time when 80+ senior consultants in this country and over 1000 students are protesting about the changes in the way in which candidates are selected for their first medical jobs she has chosen to abandon the undergraduates she represents and instead has openly defended the ridiculous selection criteria/process that her colleagues are publicly rejecting.

i cannot fathom why. i can only assume she is suffering from a severe strain of sycophancy whereby, terrified by the prospect of speaking out, doing her job, representing her fellow students and looking like a "troublemaker", she is under the delusion that by being a sell-out and condemning her peers to a job selection system that is Paddington Bear-ian in its incompetency she will somehow further her career in the future.

little does she realise the system that she is defending will also be the same system that ensures that she winds up without a job anyway. in which case her political fellatio will have been to no avail.

Kirsty Lloyd - Featured Sycophant,
MOADD Sycophant Corner, March 2006

for the record i have no problem with Paddington Bear. in fact i am rather fond of him and have been since childhood. i have no doubt that he would in fact to a better job than Ms Lloyd and i will be the first to suggest him as the next chairbear of the medical student committee . he might, as always happens to him, fail in his ultimate goals but at least he'd TRY TO DO WHAT WAS RIGHT FOR EVERYONE and not himself. go paddington.

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Mekon said...

Why should she she care, what with her Rachel Weiss look-a-like career to fall back on?

NHS Manager said...

How do you get a job like that then? Surely she wasn't voted in?

Kate said...

Paddington made my childhood great. Maybe that's why I came to England...

Dazed & Confused said...

every medical school "elects" a few students to sit on the committee although in my experience actually what happens is you get your girlfriend to nominate you, then another chum to vote for you and because nobody really cares you get elected. of course such apathy is causing problems now.

once your on the committee i presume they decide amongst themselves who has the biggest cahones and should be chair. so it's all very democratic i guess. then they start off with a heavy tea and cake session in which the person who can eat the most battenbergs becomes the press officer. well i made that up.

paddington would sort this all out.

Kate said...

Hang on! Hold a minute! I just clicked the Paddington link... THERE WAS A TV SERIES?!?! When WE were children? Geez. The things I missed being on the wrong side of the ocean.

I thought it was just books.