Saturday, September 23, 2006

lost doctor in holiday shocker

i shall be leaving these shores for a bit of a break tomorrow. Miss D&C and i shall be drinking the finest croatian champagne and sitting on the beach for the next week

in the meantime i leave you with two links

the first shows what a "grrreat" country i live in. i particularly enjoyed the mass rape catalogue (have a look) - the authors of this site are clearly in the parlance of our times a bunch of utter fucks

i am an englishman

secondly and much more fun and a work of SHEER UTTER GENIUS is the latest video from OK Go! who you might remember from their single Get Over It a few years ago. who would have thought treadmills could be so good.

watch this and enjoy!

see you in a week

[I am listening to Ok Go! of course]