Saturday, August 19, 2006

miserable sullen bastards

regular readers of MOADD (all 4 of them) will probably have realised that the lost doctor is not always the happiest of bunnies with stethoscopes (possible playboy shoot).

this is generally due to the fact that the NHS is actively and passively raping him day in day out. it would not be a huge generalisation to suggest that this motif of melancholy courses through most of the UK doctors' blogs listed to the side (except the venial sinner perhaps as he is too often loaded or in lurve.)

the current few weeks have been particularly trying. you may well remember that august and february are seminal in the NHSian calendar because these are the times when the new blood hit the wards. the recent intake of new doctors are fucking me off.

firstly they don't do a great deal. secondly i don't think they CAN do a great deal - this is likely to be due the dumbing down of training. thirdly, 1 and 2 could be overlooked if these guys were a bit of a laugh but FUCK ME they are DULLARDS.

admittedly my two juniors are very good and fun to work with it's just that i find myself wondering around the wards keeping myself to myself in case i am trapped in a ritual seppuku inducing conversation with anyone else.

things haven't been helped by the fact that my job has changed and i have leapfrogged in on call rota back to two months ago when i was doing shitloads of nights. i feel i am being taken for the proverbial ride when it comes to night shifts.

this aggression shall not stand.

in the interim, the FISH continue to multiply. next to the fish false idol posters over the wards have appeared small whiteboards with the "attitude of the day" written on them. these are such vacuous mindsets as "fun" or "thoughtful" or "happy" for example. the management haven't thought about asking me to suggest the attitude for the day yet probably because they understand that "fuck your mother" is not the best way to engender a culture of teamworking.

[i am listening to The Concretes]

Monday, August 14, 2006

lost doctor in internet voyeur shock

as gary oldman once said, "i am very disappointed."

i have shed the shackles of this profession in the past few days and have been out drinking and clubbing for not just one but two weeks (count 'em) in a row.

i have been, to say the least, very pleased with myself.

until i realised that the photographer supposedly taking random shots at the last club i was at had actually decided to snap my normally beautiful face in the most awkward of poses and, to add insult to injury, plaster it all over the internet for all to see and point and laugh at.

you will of course appreciate the reasons for not posting a link to said picture here on MOADD.

i lament the state of the world when ordinary folks like myself should fear going out for being snapped by a wannabe paparazzo.

posh and becks: i know how you feel.

and to top this, the CANADIANS have pulled a similar stunt. they have hidden a pic on their website which is also the least flattering portrait one could imagine, emphasising an extremely tired D&C post nights attempting to non-chalantly point at the camera very casually but ultimately looking like what can only be described as a total cunt. and therefore no link shall exist to this photo either.

i can only imagine that they have done this for pure comedy reasons.

as a result the london canadian embassy 2 is closed indefinitely.

the lost doctor is very disappointed.

[the holloways are barely keeping me happy with their new single two left feet. alternatively i suggest you check out apathy using a sample from the white stripes on "it takes a seven nation army to hold me back."]

[if you haven't already bought a copy of Casa by my good buddy Roger (Dean Young and The Tin Cup|), I implore you to do so - "eez very cheeep for to do romance inside you" as Borat might say - look here]