Sunday, April 30, 2006

do you mind if i do a J?

now i'm never one to preach but i feel that i should for once (halleujia, y'all can be saved ma brothas and sistas.)

pete libertines doherty is in the news again this time for allegedly injecting into one of his fans/entourage/groupies. until now i haven't really given a shit about the whole junkie/kate moss bruhaha that the tabloids are so interested in because let's face it most of the country takes a drug of some kind (hash/tobacco/alcohol/ribena/religion) and most importantly because babyshambles are rubbish (NME hat on again) and, as the new dirty pretty things album demonstrates, the libertines were the sum of their parts and when separated are purely mediocre.

but it is starting to piss me off that doherty is getting off every time (and it must be about a million now) when i've worked with/treated enough addicts who've gone to jail for far longer for far less. the even more tragic thing is the misguided doherty obsessionados - you know, the ones who throng outside the courthouse - who rant on about how he is being unfairly persecuted by the police. here me now, oh deluded public school teenagers. persecuted or not, he has actually been in possession each time he's been nicked and it seems that this time he's been so off his face that he's fallen for the "someone wants to take a picture of me" trick AGAIN.

getting off drugs is difficult. i think maybe only one of the many users i've been involved with ever got close to sorting himself out. doherty has the luxury to fly off to arizona to detox at any point if he so wishes. not everyone has that. he can't be arsed and would rather be "playing" gigs wasted. i was really annoyed that the love music hate racism charity were stupid enough to put him on the bill at the trafalgar square gig this weekend. he shouldn't be championing such a cause.

anyway, he'll never get off drugs and he'll never go to jail - not to do a significant period of time like my patients - and this will be to the applause of the white, upper class kentish town teenage girls who love him so much. perhaps it was one of them that he's been photographed injecting. daddy has probably picked her up the following morning anyway. in which case should i really be getting so worked up? after all stupidity (and misery) loves company.

[i am listening to up the bracket and wondering about what might have been]


The Venial Sinner said...

I must admit I did twist my face into what I imagined to be a wry smile when I read that he had been arrested for possession of class A drugs a mere half an hour after being let off for the very same charge. Of course, it doesn't help procure any sympathy with me that he now looks more like a bedraggled crack whore than a young, fit rebel of new rock.

Strangely enough The Pink Psychiatrist and I were just talking about him and Carl over a cup of Lady Grey yesterday. We figured there was at least something romantic in the initial intensity and subsequent destructive distintegration of their relationship. I'm sure people will be writing about his 'decline and fall' for many years to come now, to both their own and his profit.

As for his music, I'd almost forgotten he sang post libertines and had not, in fact, become famous solely for being a heroin head and crack whore.

MsD said...

so have u bought anything frm Ikea lately?

any more furniture to be assembled?

Kate said...

Thinking about what might have been... That seems a potentially painful exercise.

Dazed & Confused said...

i dunno if people will be talking about them for years to come. they imploded before reaching anything like nirvana status - unless pete blows his own head off... hmmm.

but even then dave grohl and chris novoselic went on to do bigger (and better?) things. pete won't and carl may cruise along for years in third gear.

there was something romantic about the two in the early days but IMHO, i thought that carl was always the driving force.

Vegas said...

He is a piece of shit. Send him to Iraq and make him Prime Minister or something.