Saturday, September 23, 2006

lost doctor in holiday shocker

i shall be leaving these shores for a bit of a break tomorrow. Miss D&C and i shall be drinking the finest croatian champagne and sitting on the beach for the next week

in the meantime i leave you with two links

the first shows what a "grrreat" country i live in. i particularly enjoyed the mass rape catalogue (have a look) - the authors of this site are clearly in the parlance of our times a bunch of utter fucks

i am an englishman

secondly and much more fun and a work of SHEER UTTER GENIUS is the latest video from OK Go! who you might remember from their single Get Over It a few years ago. who would have thought treadmills could be so good.

watch this and enjoy!

see you in a week

[I am listening to Ok Go! of course]


Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

Your "I am an Englishman" site is the most racist screed I've read in some time. I noticed that its "Murder in the United States" bit uses twelve-year-old data (actually more than 12 years; it was a 1994 report) published by a known white supremacist "think tank" to prove that blacks are horrible, even though crime in the US has dropped every year since 1991, and is now about half of 1991 levels. They point out that blacks are more likely to attack whites than the other way around, which is hardly surprising when you consider we outnumber them 4:1.

This is not to say horrible things don't happen in your country (or mine). But encouraging racial prejudice isn't going to help matters.

Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

Of course, I could be misunderstanding you, and you're saying the site's authors are the "utter fucks." Dammit, I'm not good with UK subtlety. :)

Anonymous said...

i'm wondering who the 'utter fucks' are too? you like the BNP supporting site?

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, the lost doctor is gobsmacked and disgusted at the attitude of the 'I am an Englishman' site.

Anonymous said...

Have a great vacation!!!

Come back refreshed.

Victoria Pynchon said...

I don't know what physician liability is like in the UK (though a good friend, a nephrologist (sp?) teaches at Oxford) . . . if you are required to face liability suits, your readers might be interested in the American mediation of a medical malpractice lawsuit with the physician at the center of the story. Best, Vickie Pynchon

Dazed & Confused said...

apologies NWTPTG and anonymous1 - this lost doctor was referring to the authors of the site as utter fucks.

i don't think it was english subtlety but actually a hastily put together post before packing (the trip was very refreshing btw.)

i'm not sure how i came upon that iamanenglishman site but yes it was pretty miserable that these attitudes still remain (and perhaps will always remain). it's also bizarre that he/she has the time to sit down and catalogue all the episodes of "non-english" people stabbing up white english country garden dwellers or whatever. i barely have the time to file my bank statements.

i think i'll stick to fun on treadmills in future.

Anonymous said...

brilliant to hear you enjoyed the holiday.
it was good that you brought up the website - closing of the eyes to such matters has rarely proved helpful. just glad the opinions regarding it have been cleared up!

hope that refreshed feeling lasts.

Vegas said...

I wouldn't even publish the link - the utter fucks are just going to get more hits and more publicity. I'm not one for censorship (all cockroaches hate sunlight) but they don't need any more help publishing their filth

Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

I feel better. I was worried there, for a moment...I'm used to seeing crap like this in the States, to see it on your side of the pond is a real shocker.