Saturday, December 09, 2006

grab the yoke from the pilot and fly the whole mess into the sea

the votes have been cast, the panel has been ruminating behind closed doors. months of hard work, extra hours after school, meticulous notemaking and detailed tome reading are over.

sadly the royal college of physicians have given me a nice big fuck you with another failed exam.

it would have been nice for a lift. it would have been nice for a bit of achievement to end the year with. but no.

i'm not entirely sure what to do now. i've always been one of those people that has to study hard for results (there's not a lot natural about me) and when i haven't it always shows. this time was different because i worked my little cotton socks off. it's difficult to know how to improve on that.

maybe this is the wall! medical gandalf standing in my way bellowing "you shall not pass."

i have had lots of kind words from friends and colleagues - it's quite funny in that the response is almost like that to a bereavement.


as i remind the friends who i am worried feel i might go and top myself, i bought a REALLY big christmas tree (far too big for my flat) and decorated it yesterday with not one, not two but three sets of fairy lights. and i did score three strikes bowling on thursday night. i am good at a few things.

i'm sure a weekend of nights will make things look better.
[i am listening to Regina Spektor again]


Anonymous said...

Bastards! It's just a stupid, expensive lottery.

Glad you have a nice big Christmas tree to cheer you up. What is it with all the fairy lights though? It appears everyone except me is obsessed with them.

Anonymous said...

Dang. I've heard that the exam is apparently 'unpassable' the first time round anyway.

Look on the bright side, you got yourself a shiny new Christmas tree with THREE sets of fairy lights!

I, for one, love fairy lights. I also suck at bowling. In fact, all my balls end up going into that aisle thingy, so I have to get the edges pulled up all the time.

Anonymous said...

Well, shit.

Cath said...

That's rotten. All that hard work - how unfair. Sod 'em. Doesn't mean you're not a good doctor, though, just that you didn't pass this particular bloody exam this time.

Yeah, GO fairy lights and I'm positive you're good at lots of things. Blogging, for one!

Anonymous said...

Aye, a bit shite, nee doubt about it. Nowt more t'be said, really.

Anyway, some pints when I get back from my voyages would not go amiss.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost forgot: I love the cartoon. Very funny.

Vegas said...

Bummer. Let's get caned.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Shame about the exams. The whole training applications process is laughable and I can relate to your oyster story except I touched out and it didn't register. So I had to ring an 0845 helpline and repeat the story to a sceptical woman on the other end of the phone. For some reason the refund back to the oyster takes three working days.In the end I got my money back as a 'goodwill gesture' and got a lecture about touching in and out.

Anonymous said...

Where has our lost doctor gone?

Too disheartened to post anymore?

Or perhaps the night shifts have taken their toll...

Timmy said...

Be like the dragon and whip that Prof Gandalf of his little feet.

Duel with Prof Gandalf and destroy him. Thou shalt pass.

Timmy on the Twilight Shift

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!

If today is a bad day I'm sorry about the above exclamation marks.

I miss u. come back.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, O disheartened one!

Calavera said...

Dear Lost Doctor,

It has been a long, long time since your last post.

One wonders as to whether you have finally succumbed to the horrendous virus that is the NHS...

Where have you got to?

Anonymous said...

8 Feb
Do it again.It's a very depressing bummer failing (been there done that) but JFDI ! Worth a go.
As for the future--leave, work overseas , anything than the NHS. There is actually real life and real medicine ourside England
Antipodean Anonymous