Sunday, August 05, 2007

the MOADD twilight

it's been a while since i've put fingers to keyboard on here.

i blame (in particular order):

1. general tedium with the medical blogosphere - my ranting about Modernising Medical Careers, the general shittiness of the medical profession in the UK and ennui with the lack of control of my career and life is starting to bore even me.

2. Facebook - i thought this would be a fad that would die in a few months but sadly no it is taking up a large part of my internet time.

since the last time i wrote, things have changed and i've done quite a few things.

i went to the amazing Latitude festival in Suffolk. i had a spiritual experience watching the Arcade Fire.

i went to Cornwall and ate well, surfed and lazed around.

i've been getting into the british street art scene and went to a couple of private shows in uber-passe Shoreditch. not tempted to buy anything yet.

i spent about three months not doing any on calls, sitting in outpatient clinics looking after the elderly. a very rewarding and chilled out time. i miss it.

i am also now a Member of the stupid Royal College of Physicians which means nothing to most people and in reality means nothing at all. except that i finally passed some exams and 3 grand simultaneously passed out of pocket. i have a few more letters after my name.

i have left my hospital (where i was for three years) and moved to an even bigger hospital to work in intensive care. it's ok. the doctors however are all posh toffs who don't listen to anything you say. i may as well be invisible.

i am planning to resign in January and go travelling for the rest of the year. this is career suicide as i obtained a training position for 2007-8 unlike thousands of my peers. but frankly i don't really care anymore.

i think that i shall probably delete this blog soon. it hasn't really served the purpose that i felt it would but it was fun while it lasted.

i'm dreaming of far away places. the sun is setting here.


Keith Ikeda-Barry said...

Wish there was some way we could cheer you up. Not knowing much about your profession except what we read here it is hard to offer comfort. We do see a big discrepancy between how much your accomplishments are apparently valued in the system and their real, worldwide worth. If they keep kicking you, remember that there are countries all over the world that value your training immensely. Most of those countries have footie teams, too.

And if your travels take you this direction, remember that the System would never think to look for you here.

Henry North London said...

Don't delete Leave it up

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Shiny Happy Person said...


Shit, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

it probably counts for nothing, but i have enjoyed reading your blog. i'll be sad to see it go. good luck with whatever you choose to do, and thanks for blogging.

funnily enough - my favourite episode was the on-going milk in the fridge saga. but that probably says more about me. heh.

take care

Kate said...

I'm with anonymous. Even if you don't post any more, I'd be sad to see your blog go. I too blame Facebook for (at least part of) my lack of blogging these days.

Finding your blog when I did meant a lot to me. It meant I had a quasi-cyber-friend-ish-thing when I was in England and friends were hard to come by. Know that when I was having a shit day, I'd stop by and read, and whether it was your music recommendation, your angry (and yet still brilliantly sarcastically funny) rants, or just how you'd spent your weekend - it was a welcome distraction. I won't be all melodramatic and claim you saved my life or anything, but know that you made a difference.

Remember - if you're ever trying to put together IKEA furniture again and don't mind paying a plane ticket, I'm there for ya, mate.

*Hugs* from ANOTHER Canadian.

Julie said...

I don't know how much longer you docs will have to expect to have a continuous one off career. What is wrong with travelling the world, with questioning what you are doing? The problem is that if you want to you need to be able to come back.

I for one will be sorry if you delete this blog. good luck whatever you decide!

Cal said...

No no no, stay!
You have no idea how many hours of unadulterated joy I have had from reading this marvellous piece of work.

Please please come back. I... I'm so curious, though. There's stuff I want to ask you, but I can't, because it's the blogosphere.

Oh never mind. I know what I'm trying to say.

But please, don't disappear entirely - if anything, get off of bloody Facebook. I deactivated my account a long time ago, and it's the best thing I've done in a long time!

... And if you choose to stay incommunicado... then the best of luck from Cal at SWC.


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Use a URL that works?

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