Thursday, January 05, 2006

the most depressing things about the age you live in - the list

leading on from the point before, i suggest we compile this list. please leave your suggestions in comments and i shall collate them at some point. then you can print it out and stick it on your wall, or email it to colleagues. and then maybe it shall be used as soundbite for some talking head on BBC2 or perhaps even get it's own spin-off series on Channel 4. "The Best Worst Things About The Modern Age Ever" - can you imagine?

whilst i'm here please go and see NHS Blog Doctor for a dark, funny, eloquently written weblog by a similarly disheartened doctor (albeit with much more experience. i don't think he has much hope for me - or my patients...)


Kate said...

Oooh! I've got one! I worked in a museum all summer and became so completely disillusioned with the education that people receive and their sense of history (this particularly depresses me, seeing as I'm a historian). In this particular museum, I was helping to depict the year 1885. 120 years ago. I was stunned at the people who can't possibly believe that people living 'back then' could manage without all the modern conveniences we have. Or the people who have no sense of their own history. As a case in point: The people who left the building in which I worked saying things to their children like "Oh, it's all so historically accurate... except for the metal" or "It's great, but they didn't have glass back then". 120 years ago! For pete's sake. There's a reason the Bronze and Iron ages were so named... And glass has been around since lightning first struck volcanic rock to make obsidian for flip's sake.

And now that I've ranted on about this, you get three guesses as to what one of my biggest pet peeves is.

Anonymous said...

The media.
Baggy-arsed trousers on lads.
The price of really good chocolate.
Getting older and not able to afford plastic surgery.
The fact that when you clean it, it gets dirty again, whatever it is. Although that may not just be this age.

Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

Depressing things...

Maybe that there is no pro-freedom party in the US. There are only the Democrats (who won't let you keep your own property) and the Republicans (who won't let you do private stuff in your own bedroom).

Also that just as UK's NHS seems to be reaching crisis point, and is often ridiculous (like your health police trying to regulate Stilton Cheese or the contents of kids' lunchboxes), there are calls to ensure universal coverage over here, even among people who ought to be educated and intelligent enough to know better.

The Venial Sinner said...

- The rise and rise of the Daily Mail
- Early in, late out
- The death of individuality
- The lie that 24 hour licencing would mean a 24 hour drinking culture. How dissapointed am I!
- 'Reality' TV and absolutely anything that contains the word celebrity.

MsD said...

some amusement for u my fav doctor about the Aussie situation...,10117,17766710-29281,00.html

my response to this aticle was : ASIF!!!!

jmo said...

Looking out of my window, I'd have to say that the most depressing thing about life the moment* is the grey and gloomy cold weather currently engulfing London. Why has no one invented a machine to blow the clouds away and let the sunshine in?! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I NEED SOME VITAMIN D!!

*Obv am glossing over a number of world tragedies.

Vegas said...

-trying to balance work/life
-rich people who don't deserve it
-the fact that Arnie is not eligible for election as President

The Venial Sinner said...

How comes Arnie is not eligible for election as the Prez? Is that they is being racialists? Is it coz he is black?

Anonymous said...

the beard
the dark lord
bert and ernie
that new bird they've just appointed that no-one's met yet
the eastbourne reg i spoke to earlier that thinks a potassium of 8.2 is safe to put in an ambulance.
the fact that i lost the sweep that said the venial sinner would cop off with his ex in morocco.

Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

Actually, ve luff to elect former actors/Californee-a guffernors as Presidents. (Tink Reagan.) Fortunately, or unfortunately, Arnold iss foreign-born, and derefore cannot be President.

(loses the fake Austrian accent)

I don't think al-Qaeda would fuck with us if Arnie were Prez, although I don't know that would be out of fear or because they were doubled over in laughter.

Besides, we've already elected a black President: Bill Clinton.)

I'll be back.

Dr John Crippen said...

Cheer youself up with this.

The best dumb blonde joke ever told:

Shiny Happy Person said...

Unfortunately, Venial Sinner has all ready used most of my ideas, so I shall just repeat them with the wording changed around:

The increasing number of TV programmes with "celebrity" in the title.
What counts as "celebrity".
The Daily Mail.
People who read The Daily Mail.
The fact that I have to treat, without prejudice, even those people who read The Daily Mail.
"Modernizing Medical Careers" (or: if you're not out of a job now, we guarantee you will be in the future. Unless you're prepared to take up a Trust Grade post in the Outer Hebrides or similar.)
Teenagers. All of them.

Dr John Crippen said...

"i don't think he has much hope for me - or my patients.."

Why on earth do you say that? I have not deliberately tried to give that impression. I still enjoy medicine, I hope you do. I'm just pissed of with the environment within which we have to work; but there is a distinction.

And I try to keep laughing and gently take the piss. It keeps you alive!


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