Friday, February 10, 2006

not quite dead

no i haven't emigrated (yet) but i have been a little too distracted by other things to refill the blog of late.

i have however managed to travel around the country (taking in wales, hereford and nottingham) and spent a week snowboarding in Italy (i did take a tumble on the dunes and fear that i may have fractured my coccyx.) i have also failed my Part 2 exams (hurrah) but instead of self-flagellating have turned my attention to enjoying myself. in the pipeline i do have another visit from a group of canadians (their band are playing in london in march), tickets to sigur ros, a stag weekend and a week in stockholm. so all is good.

of course this shall be preceded by the ritual week of nights. happy happy joy joy as a tail-less cartoon cat once rejoiced.

furthermore this wednesday heralded the biannual changeover of doctors.

a quick word to you. NEVER EVER EVER be admitted to a british hospital in the first week of february or august. the NHS in all its incredulous wisdom ensures that every single junior doctor in the UK changes positions/hospitals on these two dates.

i haven't changed over for various reasons but our department is amok with new doctors who do not know how to do anything (because they have never worked at my hallowed hospital before) and hence i have had to carry the burden once again. this is not so bad except that i have left work very late the past few days (change the record) but a little disconcerting because, as i am on nights from today, the ward will be left in the hands of doctors who have never done any renal medicine at all.

hence, i apologise for my absence. i am not quite dead but after this week i cannot guarantee the same of the patients.

ciao ciao


Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

In the US, the date is July 1, and I know a cath lab tech who says you can always tell July 1 from June 30 by how many patients go into V-Fib from having the catheter poke their ventricles too many times. :)

Dazed & Confused said...

it's mad isn't it. why not stagger the start dates? no. that would be GOOD for patient care and the idea is to make everyone's life miserable.

Kate said...

Yay! You're not dead! I was getting a wee bit worried.

Hope all is well other than the fractured coccyx and let me tell you I'm dead jealous about the sigur ros tix - lucky bastard!

As for the NHS - it reminds me of academia due to the sheer level of frustration involved.

Ciao for now

Kate said...

PS - are you "not quite dead" in a Monty Python sort of way?