Tuesday, February 28, 2006

something is amiss

i worked this weekend and it was actually very quiet and manageable with not too many disasters. i also had the pleasure of bumping into The Venial Sinner (yes we now work at the same hospital) doing his on call care of the neuro-screwed. he appeared to be keeping a tight rein on the ward exclusively from the cafe, on his lilo, copy of that sunday's observer in hand. ah! the quiet life!

the weekend was also my last on call pissing about with kidneys (pardon the pun ho ho.) i did do a three hour guest appearance on monday night before going to my "leaving do" which i shall tell you about at another juncture. i have as of today moved back to general medicine - diabetes to be precise.

it was very peculiar.

i have three house officers, ie 3 doctors who are junior to me who do all the mundane stuff (ordering on the computer, looking up results, etc). after we'd seen all the patients, i went off, had lunch and then had nothing to do. well i did supervise one of the kids draining fluid off some guy's lungs but other than that i was twiddling my thumbs at 3pm. i left work at 4.45pm and was home by 5.30pm. i only started work at 9.30 as well.

this is bizarre.

this is wrong.

this cannot be right.

i fear that i have walked into some children of the corn scenario where tomorrow at work i shall be killed by zombie doctors.

after a year of 8am starts and 7pm finishes i can't even appreciate an easy day without thinking something suspect is going on.

i'm SURE this is a freak even. i'm SURE that tomorrow it will all go tits up and continue in that vein for the next 6 months.

until then, tonight Dr Dazed & Confused is smiling if puzzled and may even drag himself out for a pint or two.

[i am listening to the debut from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - an AWESOME album. i am also going to see the Go Team on Friday night]


Kate said...

Hey - enjoy those pints. You undoubtedly deserve them.

Earl Jackson said...

Did you hear about the constipated mathematician?
He worked it out with a pencil!
Seriously though, I'm enjoying your writing very much, after discovering you only today. I'm gonna link straight to you, my morose medical brother. I'm in jail right now but you can read my blog at: sandvaseline.blogspot.com
Keep up the good work and remember: first do no harm.