Monday, October 09, 2006

MOADD is one today!

yes it is the first birthday of this blog and boy it is a happy day. the sun is shining and the intermittently good people of london are going about their business. i am not at work this morning either for i am currently in the second of two weeks of study leave.

on the 20th of this month i shall be sitting the practical assessment of clinical examination skills or PACES which is the last examination for membership of the royal college of physicians, the arcane body that we must all seek to penetrate if we are to progress in our miserable careers. as always it is a ridiculously expensive, soul destroying affair and i for one cannot wait for it to be over.

i spent a ridiculous amount of money on a course this weekend. it was very good but although i learnt a lot, the consistent grilling that i received from the examiners has torn a new arsehole in me. pictures some other time.

otherwise what has changed in this year of MOADD. well the bookshelves are still up. i have had a few great holidays. i have had a lot of boozy nights. i am still very disheartened in my job.

i have come to the (massive) revelation that it is not necessarily medicine but the NHS and healthcare in the UK that is upsetting me so. perhaps a move is on the cards?

whatever happens i have decided that if i pass this exam i shall resign my job and chill out for a few months. and yah boo sucks too the consequences.

of course the "if i pass" is a mountain of a proviso.

[i am listening to The Coral, Dreaming Of You]


Anonymous said...

definitely spend some time abroad - it'll broaden your mind, expand your horizons and all that malarkee (go somewhere near a beach! you know you want too!)). however be warned: you may well develop a newly found appreciation of the NHS.

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention - happy 1st birthday! thank you for providing such an enjoyable blog.

Vegas said...

See you in the dole queue. I am handing my resignation letter in tomorrow. Wicked!

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