Wednesday, October 04, 2006

yee-ahhh, yah, yahhhhh: the best fight scene ever

i promise that this posting of videos is just a fad but i thought that maybe you should have a look at this excellent piece of hand-to-hand fighting choreography. it is classic for a number of reasons. there are several things about it which are absolutely bizarre:

why is he in a white coat at the beginning?
where are they?
why do they take their tops off?
where did she come from? is her stunt double a man (is she a man)?
how did she break her arm?
what purpose did that bedsheet in the bucket serve ordinarily?

i'm unsure as to what film this is so if anyone knows please tell (i think it may be one of almodovar's)

vegas this one is largely for you.

PS. given that i am currently studying for the royal college of wankers examination part 3 i also feel as though i should be removing my eyeballs. "yeah! see ya!"

[i am listening to cut the f*** up]


Vegas said...
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Vegas said...

I have watched it three times so far. Wicked! See ya!
I haven't heard so much shouting and screaming since they asked you to do an extra weekend on call D&C. I don't know how you found it but I like it. May I offer a token of my appreciation by way of an exchange:

Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

It's been so long since I've seen an action flick without ropes and "Matrix-cam" that I forgot what cheesy action movies are supposed to look like! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Absoluetly top-quality action cheesetastic...

That spike in the eye and then being hoisted into the air by his eyesocket... priceless....

Vegas said...

The great thing about the internet is that I can come back to entries like this and watch this video again and again!
Having studied the emotions and body language of the three main protagonists, I'm now starting to feel a bit sorry for Stingray. You've got to admire the way he licks the knife at the start. I reckon he would have won easily if it had been one-on-one fighting and they hadn't ganged up on him like that. Even after his first eyeball was out he still put up a good fight. Poor guy. Maybe he gets his revenge in the sequel?