Wednesday, November 08, 2006

dreaming of you

i heard on the news that captain nob cheese himself pete doherty, the talentless gomer of the libertines inexplicably fawned over by indie kids all over, is releasing a clothing label. i presume this is because he has realised that he is a waste of space whose time in music is near over and soon his name will be less than a whisper in the abyss of lost z-list celebrities.

it was also good timing that i caught Calexico at the Camden Roundhouse this weekend. here are a band that have stayed pretty much off the mainstream (not sure why) but still have a strong following. needless to say they were brilliant. they are also such a bunch of chilled out guys (or so they seem) on stage and bloody talented musicians, each playing a couple of instruments. one of the guys (in the back, second left in the picture) is a superb guitarist/slide guitarist. he wandered onto stage with his funny glasses and his exceptionally non trendy shirt, waved once or twice to the audience and then blew us away with his music. at the end he waved again and toddled offstage with the rest of the band.

what a great life. he doesn't feel the need to have to impress by getting himself into the tabloids wasted on coke. he wakes up in the morning, puts on his geeky shirt and then goes off and plays his guitar. straight down the line. and people love him for it. a simple existence.

(he may be a total cock who beats his wife but go with me on this)

oh for the simplicity of it all! it's so simple it's elegant.

oh for a simple life.

the lady mentioned before passed away on sunday.
[i am listening to nina simone]


Kate said...

Confession time - I still have no idea how somem people become celebs... and Doherty is one of them.

Anonymous said...

In as much as i agree that Pete Doherty is nothing more than captain nob nowadays, i hope you agree in thinking the libertines a bloody brilliant band who produced some bloody brilliant music..

thats what me thinks anyways ;)

very much enjoying reading your blog..

sam xx

Paul said...

Funny, people said the same thng about Keith Richards.

Tom said...

Are you a complete moron? You call Pete Doherty talentless this is some one who won top prize in a national poetry competition and and earned him admission to Oxford University to study English yeah talentless. Forget the fact he was/is in The Libertines/Babyshambles, what he has done before has proved that he’s far from talentless.

But I suppose you know best that’s why you write internet blogs!!

Your just one of these (talentless) Idiots who reads the sun and it says Pete Doherty takes drugs, yeah that must mean he’s a twat? Because he’s the only rock star to have ever taking drugs.

MartinVilla said...

Well said Tom.
Petes a fucking star and the best live artist I have ever seen

Two Bob Cunt said...

I wish people who dosent see a geneous when they see one... I wish those where stoned! That means you guys that are agaisnt peter Dohert a genous of song writer all his songs are poetic and musical masterworks... "And all these Ignorant faces taht bring this town down and will die in the class they where born oh it's a class of our own!"

Anonymous said...

Sorry Two Bob Cunt but are you stoned, as I cannot understand you.
Pete is a fucking star though.
His solo album and his set at V were great

Panchito said...

Who Ever Wrote This Must be a Complete Muppet. That Must B jelous their music Career has not had a spec of Success as Peter. You Must Not have Heard the Countless Songs He has Written Post Libertines. Obviously, Peter has Ruffled your featuers! HAHA