Monday, November 13, 2006

this is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass

not pleased.

friday night. the registrar informs me and the house officers that a hand in clinic is required on monday morning as the boss is away on leave. no problem i say, i'll give you a hand. the house officers are both here on the ward. they can kick things off in the morning, see the patients themselves, make some management plans etc etc. then i'll pop back after clinic, get the lowdown, see a few choice cuts, go to lunch and then grab the registrar for the afternoon to go through any issues. i can then nip off to do the third year medical student teaching i've been roped into and pop back for four thirty to tie up any problems. "it'll be great for the house officers" i say. "good practice and character building for the future... especially given that we'll be nearby, only a pager away."

fine? the best laid plans?

like fuck no.

neither house officer showed up for work. convenient annual leave day and A&E shift respectively, conveniently NOT mentioned last friday.

result. just got home, patients not properly seen, hurried teaching session, shitty care, and apologies all round.


[i am listening to sufjan stevens in an effort to calm me down]


Layla said...

Have you thought about a career in MI6? I could see you in James Bond's swimming panties....

Anonymous said...

You should know what happens when you help people....