Wednesday, October 10, 2012

And you still have those sorts of days...

Today has been ok. If anything a little mundane and slow.

I've got lots of stuff to do that is work-related but not directly related to my hospital work. It's all pretty exciting stuff that I am interested in and keen to make a success of...


I do feel a little lost. Nothing in particular has triggered this. It was a gorgeous day outside and my current colleagues are OK.

I guess that although life isn't anything like it was 7 years ago, these periods of feeling adrift do seem to come and go and I suppose today I'm adrift again.

What to do?

Hang on. Go with the flow.

[I am listening to The Shins]


Anonymous said...


I am a chartered accountant with a top company. everyone says to me that I am really lucky but I feel that I am just really not making a difference and I have no job satisfation. I was therefore considering packing it all in and embarking on a career in medicine. I guess what drew me to the site was because I wanted to know is it worth it? or is it just bureucracy and do patients appreciate you?

marlene said...

Halfway through my tireless 27 hr shift in the hospital, I'm googling desperate nonsense and being led to your blog. I'm a vascular surgery resident in the States who works ridiculous hours and is constantly amazed by he ridiculous, soul less behavior that plays itself out everyday in the hospital. Your blog is great, it reminds a bit in places of Adrian Mole which is fantastic. Not that your struggle is fantastic, but your keen observations are so uncannily true. I'm in the middle of a situation where I was meant to have Christmas off this year (didn't get it last year) and now I'm being told I "may" have to work. I'm really fucking angry. The part that kills me is that there isn't a lack of bodies to do the work. People want me to show up simply because they can't stand the thought of suffering alone. The words "well, you wouldn't be doing anything if you didn't come in, so you may as well do something." Wtf is that reasoning? Certainly the words of someone without any interests or passions outside of the hospital. I love your taste in music. Nick Drake is some of my favorite stuff. In the end, it basically boils down to the fact that there are some real fuckers in surgery who hate themselves and their lives and want to make sure that others feel the same way. The arrogance and narrow vision is so uninspiring. Thank you at any rate for writing all this here - a place where I can read the thoughts of a genuine person with the common sense to see that the way doctors are trained will drag the humanity from you if you let it. Then again, many people have little humanity to begin with, so the loss is less acute. Please share what you've been up to!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Are u still there? I actually bookmarked your blog although I really haven't been able to follow/read each and every entry you have here. Well I'm also a doctor, currently on the last year of my internal medicine residency training. I found your blog when I got really rock bottom low with medicine. Not really with the craft, but with our hospital's system and its stupidity. Anyway I'm just curious about what you've been doing these days. I am somewhat curious about what other doctors (who feel the way I do) actually did in the end. Harhar. Thank you very much for making me feel that I'm not alone! Good day!

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Nancy Jorden said...

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Daisyjulia said...

Hello - I'd love to get in touch to discuss a feature we're looking at in The Times about doctors leaving the profession, how can I get in touch?

peace said...

Bless you. So true.

Disillusioned and Confused said...

MOAD - You have "inspired" me...

Anonymous said...

HI, how are you doing.
Thanks for making me feel that am not sailing alone in the same boat.
Currently am doing my PG with three year due, which sucks the life out of me. I don't know what else to do? Or not much options I could think of after being a physician.
Just sticking onto this course and keeping my eyes open to pick up any oppurtunity that may present itself.

A lost company in the sea.

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