Saturday, July 08, 2006

as a reminder

i was walking down the stairs to the "mess" (the room that we doctors spend a tenner a month funding so that it acts as a safe haven away from the barking commands of other healthcare professionals) when i noticed this new sign. i broke out in hysterical laughter which then descended into crying and wailing. to top things off my purchased sodexho sandwich disintegrated in my hands moments later "salmon and dill" all over the floor.

[i am listening to regina spektor - buy her new album! it's great! and she seems a bit nuts in a tori amos way]


Kate said...

Is there a particular song you'd recommend for the uninitiated to get a taste and figure out if it's worth buying the whole album? I'm always up for trying new music.

Kate said...

Ok, this is what I get for checking my comments AFTER I check other peoples' blogs.

I have been enjoying the cup. It's such a different atmosphere from home. I, too, missed the famous testicle stamp. I think I blinked, it was that quick. But I did see Ronaldo's behaviour afterwards (piece of #%$^). Spoiled little brat, that one.

Oh, and "Allez les Bleus!" (but mostly only 'cuz I have a French friend).

Your wishes for the happy weekend are reciprocated.

Dazed & Confused said...

try having a listening to "better" or "on the radio"

germany/portugal is bit boring at present...