Monday, July 10, 2006

in other news

i have forgotten to mention that the venial sinner is actually working side by side with me on the wards at the moment. i had not expected his smug face to pass my field of vision in working hours so was surprised to see him rock up to FISH ward 1 looking scared and lost last wednesday.

i am hoping the travails of day to day work will be made easier by the presence of a co-worker who will never say no to cheeky coffee and post 5pm beers.

what japes there shall be! what tricks we will pull! bloods will remain undrawn! investigations will be unordered! results will not be filed! patients will have rasberries blown in their faces! professors shall be mooned as consultants are wedgied! and then together we shall skip merrily down the corridors to medical anarchy. viva la revolution.

when i get back from nights of course.

[i am listening to Hot Fuss by the Killers. dare i say not as good as when it first came out?]

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Kate said...

I must say I followed the crowd like one of so many little sheep, and the only song I ever really got into was Somebody Told Me. It was horribly overplayed on Canadian radio, so I took a 6-month sabbatical and then went back to it. And I still like it. But I've still not bothered with buying the rest of the album.