Sunday, July 09, 2006

fully operational battle station

i feel i've made a little headway to finding the answers (or at least some of them) to the questions i first posed when i started this 'blog. this has to some extent been consolidated by a long conversation i had with the bishop (himself about to enter into the medical world) on friday night, fuelled by beer in a pub that used to have a bare knuckle boxing ring upstairs.

it is obvious that some things will never change. at least i have a bit of an idea as to what those things are.

a lot of what lies ahead is worrying, some is exciting, some is going to be a fucking nightmare.

still at least i have had the sun in london to help me with my thinking.

a week of nights awaits but i'm actually looking forward to a big breakfast tomorrow.

my foot in green park earlier this evening

[i am listening (and watching) the world cup final live on the internet - thank you the BBC]


Kate said...

I'm impressed by the Converse high-tops. You didn't strike me as a Con type. I don't know why, but you didn't.

My poor frenchmen. Poor Barthez. And holy crap, whatshisface must have pissed Zidane off.

I'm glad your life is working itself out. Gives me hope for mine.

Dazed & Confused said...

i wear nothing but my converse high tops these days (well other clothes normally - i meant for footwear) and am desperately trying to emulate Fab Moretti (drummer from the strokes) with my out-of-work look.

apparently materazzi called zidane a terrorist!

commiserations on your frenchmen. i have pocketed 30 quid however ha ha!

for the record, life is not working out. life is standing outside the gym thinking about membership but glancing nervously at the cake shop next door. at least it's a start.

Durga said...

and what a 'handsome' foot it is too....

so can we see more now? ;)