Friday, January 11, 2008

see you all very soon


*another sigh*

but not sighs of desperation, misery and discontent

no, these are sighs of relaxation, happiness and inner peace (albeit through the obstructed sinuses, productive cough and general shitty feeling that man-flu lends itself to.)

it has been just over a month since i left work. for the first time in four years i had the whole of christmas and new year (and also weeks either side) to relax and rest myself. money hasn't been an issue because i've been doing a few locum shifts (extra last minute shifts to cover illness, etc) at my old job. perversely, locum shifts are paid much much better than if one does the same shift as a regular salaried doctor. as anti-consumerist and anti-materialistic as i am, it is amazing how double (sometimes triple?) pay will make even the most mundane tasks bearable.

and, in a week, myself and Ms D&C (who has also quit her job) will take ourselves off travelling for a few months. i can't wait.

some have told me what i'm doing is mad, career suicide, etc. fuck them i say. i've never been one to do what i've been told. at the end of the day it comes down to what makes you happy (surely?) having said that, i do have a bit of a back up plan for when i come back. looking back at the stuff i've written in this blog, if i was to be honest, i don't think i ever really could leave medicine full stop. for all the shittiness and shitty shitty times, at the end of the day i think it's what i'm good at. given the short time we each have on this planet, i've come to the decision that by being a doctor i can still make a bit of a difference. i'm not saying i'm going to cure cancer or save millions. it's not about that. as time has gone on, i've realised that (for me) it's about the little things, the small changes, the conversation here, the bit of advice there that makes the difference. ripples in a pond.

what i think the problem over the past couple of years was that i've been dying for a bit of time out, respite if you will. now that i've got it, i'm VERY VERY content.

so this is not really goodbye (as i've been melodramatically threatening in the posts preceding)... more of a "see you later." i'm going off to have some adventures, experience a different way of life away from medicine, see the pretty colours of the world.

i do think i'll be back. i'm pretty sure i'll be back. hopefully i won't be a miserable bastard when i return. at worst i'll return pissed off to be home but at least ready to start afresh.

and at best i'll be a rejuvenated person with a few exciting stories to tell.

i'd also like to thank everyone who comments/supports/encourages me to continue this blog. even if i don't reply, i do read every single response.

so long everyone. i'm not sure when i'll next post but i'll see you all very soon.

much love

[i am listening to She's A Rainbow by the Rolling Stones.]


The Tudor Rose said...

Ciao, mate.

Take care and hope we don't lose you totally in blogland.

Or there's always facebook (whatever that's worth any more... :-s )-

the little medic said...

Have a fantastic time travelling. I definitely think you did the right thing.

All the best.

Tainted_Holo said...

I only started reading (health) blogs just after you went ex-doctor. Enjoyed what I read and now you're back just to fuck off again.

Good on ya. :)

You don't miss the shit - your life still continues, and is better without it.

Work doesn't miss you - the system keeps doing its thing, but was probably better for having you.

Go have a life, come back with an even bigger experience and be better for it.

Li'l heads up for when you get back, the system will still be fucked.

Have fun

Anonymous said...

Thank you, for this post and explaining things,

Take care and have a good time,


Dr Vegas said...

bring me some crack when you get back

James said...

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I would like to interview you for my research on work blogging.

Please email if you are interested and I can give you more details at the same time.

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Anonymous said...

brave steps, but sound like the right kind. wish you all the best on your adventures.
(personally hoping you will post about them in the future!)

The Tudor Rose said...

Ok, so I don't know if you ever check this any more, but I was thinking of you today. Hope all is still well 6 months later.

Calavera said...

Wow, good on you for having the courage and just going ahead and doing what you want. I think it's a great decision - hopefully we'll see you back on the other side safe and sound after your travels!

Keep us updated, D&C! I'll miss you! *sniff*


Dragonfly said...

I agree with calavera..about having the courage to do what you want. Hopefully we see you again!
I very much wanted to take this year off...but it just wasn't possible sadly. So I compensated by not studying :-) Shall be interesting to see how this turns out.

Dr.Rutledge said...

I'm an academic physician (formerly at Harvard and Stanford) who found your blog while looking for the best health writers. I think your writing is great! I would like to feature you on Wellsphere, a top 10 health website that has well over 2 million visitors monthly.

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Mangy Koala said...

Hi! Have a great time travelling.

I am a doctor who left the NHS and allopathic medicine for good twenty years ago,and it was the best thing I ever did!

I now practice German Biological Medicine (the German form of Homoeopathy) and Chinese Medicine.

Not only am I now free of the absurdities of the system,but I can also now actually get my patients better!

Which is what medicine is all about.

If you wish to know more feel free to contact me on on your return.

With Very Best Wishes.

Anonymous said...

where are you? Did you quite? It has been a year and no update??

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The Tudor Rose said...

Good to hear from you! Hope the last couple of years have been good to you?

StorytellERdoc said...

have an awesome time traveling and getting back to the simple joys of every day living. you are doing the right thing, and your future patients will benefit from you putting yourself first, for once.

Thanks for a great post.

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Doctor in Distress said...

Dude I would love to pick your brain, your blog kept me going through recent night shifts! I'm in a really tough place and don't know where to go.


Anonymous said...

I used to read your blog as a medical student. As an SHO I now understand those frustrations you shared. So, what happened? How was taking a break from the conveyer belt?
I hope all is well, and that you still have the contented feeling you left with!
Best wishes

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Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

" the end of the day it comes down to what makes you happy..."

I agree. Whatever we do, we must feel happy since, if we already don't feel it, we tend to be exhausted easily, burned out and even bored with what we are doing.And at the end it's not the salary that matters but our happiness and peace of mind, eh.

Take care,
Peny@hospital scrubs

Anonymous said...

I would so love to hear what happened to you after you went travelling. Please come back and tell us!!!

Marven James said...

just going ahead and doing what you want. I think it's a great decision - hopefully we'll see you back on the other side safe and sound after your travels!
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