Saturday, October 08, 2005

Bookshelves and Snoozes

so actually i've not done a lot for this blog today though i have figured out how to use it a bit better. anyways it's far too late to do anything at the moment but i promise to be less mundane tomorrow.

i have struggled with trying to put together a massive set of bookshelves and have discarded the stupid instructions with a healthy dose of disdain...

i'm off down the pub for post football chat (england are bollocks - i shall add england manager to my potential job possibilities when i leave medicine - aha! there is a clue for you about the nature of this site....)

it's the white hart in waterloo, just tucked away behind the station... a current favourite. here's a link (The White Hart in Timeout)

see you in the morning (though i'm pretty sure i'm talking to myself)

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