Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pile of crap bookcase

i am hung OVER

last night degenerated somewhat. as i mentioned we were at the white hart, then baltic which is on blackfriars road before heading over to the Pit bar underneath the Old Vic. the latter is pretty good if you're in the area for a late night drink as it's open way past pub closing. fucking bizarre clientele though - a mixture of theatre-goers, luvvies and wasters. better than cubana up the road which has recently ascended completely into chav status IMHO. probably because there's so many goddamn suits in there all the time. run by doctors from tommies up the road so i hear... must be crap.

it was the bishop's leaving do (just finished his PhD in pain... of all things) and yes am feeling rough today. bloody good night though.


this bookcase is really really pissing me off. it doesn't bloody fit together. don't worry - i don't have those hampers. i haven't completely descended into an existential crisis yet. i hate ikea (the one in croydon is particularly grating).

[i have been listening to Evil by Interpol]

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Anonymous said...

I qualified in 93. I have my degree, a masters, a licentiate, a fellowship and a membership and I am A1 fed up of it all. I take 3 wks off a year, work about 55 hours a week and have dragged my carcass in without a sickie for 15 years - I have to put up with other support staff and patients winging about their ailments and tough times and it pisses me off. The GMC CQC DoH all suck. The amount of pointless paperwork and legislation increases every year. Employment law favours employees but not the employer - you end up working more to fund others. Patients have so many rights and means to moan - inappropriately - for example you can happily slag off a practice on NHS Choices having never visited in an anonymous fashion without any vetting or comeback. Do we have the ability to blackball offensive patients? My wife and I are both specialists and have had enough with the lot. At the approximate ages of 45 we are going throw the towel in and retire early/change direction/career. To all the righteous left-wing angelic-patient supporting groups and arselicking vote hungry politicians, well done. We are fed up of feeling oppressed and undervalued whilst having to pay more tax than most to be told you can afford it - I seem to remember depriving myself so often when studying and also through my clinical career whilst others saw their job as being just a job not a career. Disadvantaged? Yes - undervalued, patronised, overworked, scapegoated, over-responsibilitied and totally disillusioned. Any recompense goes on higher taxes, stamp duty, council tax, inheritance tax etc. etc. Choose your career wisely.