Friday, October 14, 2005

Something for the weekend

I have spent precisely 4 hours awake in my own home these past two days.

I had the pleasure of doing the on call again today in the hospital. left work about 8.45pm, got home at 9.30, had something to eat and i'm now tapping away at this in bed.

it was really busy again today.

one of the doctors called in sick so there was myself and this other guy covering the ward. it was carnage. we have a lot of ill people and admitted a couple of also unwell people who needed sorting out.

and i always end up leaving at least 30min late because i feel too bad letting the night dude come on to loads of things to do. sadly though i'm beginning to think that although it might help them out:

  1. i am not getting paid any more to spend extra time in hospital
  2. no-one is actually going to thank me for it
  3. i'm going to cut into my 'free' time
which is pretty selfish and all but... i dunno. it's worrying because i don't like the person i'm becoming. god - to be where i was five years ago - all wide-eyed and MUCH less jaded.

and tomorrow i have the pleasure of the weekend at work too. i hope for my sake it's better than today.

oooh yes! and then i read this

'i'm paid too much a doctor writes'

it was originally an article in the New Statesman the other week and has been picked up by the national press. this guy is a bit of a cock. everyone knows nurses don't get paid enough and should get paid a fuck load more (as should pharmacists, domestics, etc) but this guy has been working 6 weeks and with his position is unlikely to be doing nights or weekends. i would really like to see whether he thinks he deserves his money after he's been on for 7 nights straight, and each night being CONSTANTLY paged about problems that go from 'bollocks' to 'near cardiac arrest patients.'

Anyways. tomorrow i promise you can have pictures of the bookcase.

And guess what? two of my good friends are coming down for the week from monday and also from the 24th October i am on

STUDY LEAVE for a week - no work. Yoo Hoo!

Nighty night

[i am listening to Can't Stand Me Now by The Libertines]

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