Tuesday, November 15, 2005

who's got a gun?

my ipod has just died.

this stupid picture of a sad face has just come up on the screen and i have spent the past two hours doing all the bollocks that apple suggest on their website.

i am actually going to have to kill myself.

time for bed before i have a stroke.

[i am listening to The Promise by When In Rome but obviously on the computer and NOT on my ipod]


Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

At least when Wintel products fail, there's generally an error code, instead of the ubiquitous "sad Mac" face, or my personal favorite, the bomb.

That being said, Microsoft is evil.

Vegas said...

My iPod died as well. First I got the dead battery sign, so I bought a new battery, opened my iPod up with a knife and a plectrum, changed the battery and charged it up. I then got the "software error" message. So I have wasted another 30 quid.
Having searched all the forums, I conclude that all iPods are designed so that the battery runs out in 12-18 months. You then have to choose between trying to change the battery (see ipoddoctor.co.uk) which seems to work for some people, or do what Apple want you to do and buy a new iPod.
Personally I have decided to wait until the New Year before I waste any more money.
Oh, I nearly forgot - I also downloaded the latest version of iTunes recently and it f*/ked up my whole music library. I am now using Media Player and cursing the bastards at Apple every single day.

MsD said...

"i am actually going to have to kill myself."

what's your order for tonight sir?!
Chicken vindaloo or garlic naan??!?!

Kate said...

Bugger. I knew there was a reason I hated Macs.

Ipoddoctor said...

Hey Doc, Why not send it in and see if we can't cure it.
Mail me