Monday, November 28, 2005


i am rapidly failing this exam. 10 days to go and i still have loads to do, no study leave, three on calls and increasing amounts of crap at work to deal with.

i am looking at dermatology/haematology slides before going to bed, reading notes on the way to/from work, doing questions when i get home, etc. i am even more drained than before.

tried to be positive at work today (monday and all) and was frustrated once again. as NO-ONE (nurses/porters/radiographers) seemed to give a shit that one of my patients (not very sick at all, routine investigation booked from friday) needed a chest x-ray i wheeled him round to the department myself, sat for fifteen minutes while he had it done and wheeled him back to the ward. because i knew that if i didn't no-one else would, no-one else would care except me and him, and at the end of the day i'd take the heat when it wasn't done. i hope all the taxpayers in this country are glad that they paid for my six years training and my current salary to be a porter.

so frustrating. i am so annoyed (not really at that - i had a good old chin-wag with the patient on the way to radiology - he's written ten novels!). grrrr. and so very tired.

thinking positively now. tomorrow i have the 8am X-ray meeting to look forward to... and then the on call till nine...

D&C may be away for a little while until after the exam (next weds/thurs)

[i am listening to Only You by the Flying Pickets]

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Kate said...

Fair enough. I'll be thinking of you (thank God I no longer have to write exams - I'd rather write a 20-page paper any day... which is what I should be doing the research for right now... not reading peoples' blogs... ah, screw it). Kick some ass on that exam!