Sunday, December 11, 2005

and my apartment smells of rich mahogany

the herculean trial that was the membership of the royal college of wankers exam Part 2 is thankfully over until the imminent resit and loss of a further £290 (yes £290 - $600 for the Canadians - i know you're reading this.) i can only hope that the tossers at the college had a bloody good piss-up the night before the exams. i can only imagine the scene in the smoking room (i don't even know if they have one but i bet they do):

"i say sebastian we certainly have excelled ourselves this year!"
"ha ha! you're absolutely right charles! i think it is sheer genius that three times a year we continually set the most esoteric of questions, make sure that anyone who does not sit the exam hits a career brick wall
and manage to make them pay us for the privilege!"
"ha ha! we're great we are! more champers?"

"is brucellosis rare? by the way what time do the whores get here?"
" very soon i hope. i'll get the lube! thank you junior doctors! i'm going to put this on my weblog tomorrow. ha ha!"

i did suggest that after the exam we partake in a wicker man style burning of the college but opted for the pub instead. (vegas was of course present, on a quick sojourn from the north - his blog will be darker than ever this week as the poor fella is on nights again.)

i was also pleased to hear that the american department of homeland security managed to kill someone who did not possess a bomb/was not a terrorist. a close shave. will this be another jean charles de menezes? or will it be swept under the carpet with all that illegal war/torture/insane foreign policy nonsense?
[NB. i haven't actually caught the full story on what happened there although given that it's not on any of the american news websites at the moment i imagine my gut feelings are correct. i did however read an interesting piece on paris hilton's lawn display at her home on whore island]

back to school tomorrow and that is not depressing at all.

RIP Richard Pryor

[I am listening to Bittersweet Bundle of Misery by Graham Coxon]


Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

Glad to hear your standardized testing monopolists are just as ridiculous as ours, although I can't envision ours with a smoking room and port...probably just a hop to the Caribbean on the company plane. Hope you, Vegas, and the Venial Sinner do well.

Hmm, the gentleman shot in Miami, Rigoberto Alpizar. Initial reports made the shooting sound justified, which makes this a smaller tragedy than an unjustified one (I'd have done the same thing in that situation, I think), but who knows how it will actually turn out--maybe the investigation will show there was no threat, just a guy disobeying The Man. That of course will just get swept under the rug as an unfortunate accident in the War on Terror.

People here seem to have forgotten it was an American, Ben Franklin, who said "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." (sigh) Wankers, all of them! :)

MsD said...

ahhh great to hear you are done with the wretched exams. see i knew u'll be right!(i sound like my mother there ..errrrk)
Common, i wanna see a pic...cant wait any longer .....if u are not a sexy doc u better come out disappoint people years later....