Tuesday, December 13, 2005

what are the chances of that happening

today i have mostly been wiping my fucking nose and tolerating that boring into your eyes feeling when you get the 'flu. i also got the short straw again by having to do all the frigging central lines too (big drip lines that go into big veins either deep in your neck or charming groin) and then two people decided to have cardiac arrests simultaneously (they are both ok by the way) so lots of running around. so once more i left late (not that i have a problem staying late for sick people) and what's that? oh hello there hospital management. oh really? you've done the audit and i'm working less hours than ever before? well i guess i can't disagree with your study. of course it's fine to cut my take home pay by £500 a month. no, thank you.

i was gagging for a pint but cannot do anything without having to wipe my nose every two seconds and so all hopes of beer have disappeared out the window.

i really cannot wait for christmas when incidentally i am on nights (23rd Dec to 29th Dec.)

"what did you get for christmas?"
"four new admissions."
"what did santa bring you this year?"
"nothing. santa does not bring anything for naughty boys who stay up all night."

you could not fucking make this up. you really could not.

ps. absolutely categorically NO photos. the whole point of this blog is that i remain arrogant behind a shallow veneer of anonymity (despite now having 3 mates on here)

[i am listening to ben folds, songs for silverman]


Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

Is NHS into firing people who blog poorly about them? I know quite a few employees of private corporations have been canned over here.

Kate said...

Bugger about nights over Christmas. At this point you definitely win the "I've been shit on like you wouldn't believe" award. I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better (physically and emotionally - incidentally, I don't know what the UK's regs on importing vitamins and such are, but we have this great stuff in Canada called ColdFX - google it and you should find it).

MsD said...

mate, no fare on the photo thing. I really wanna see your "pissed off" face :P
pooor baby- less hours, less pay, night work- AND during Christmas?! All that after years of grueling study and touching,smelling,cleaning and cutting up dead and alive people...annnnd doing mindless admin crap...
I'm so loving your job right now....YUCK! YUCK! YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

OK, now my 2 cents worth: It'll be OK...I'll send you some laxative filled curry- you can send that to the hospital management.

MsD said...

i meant 'fair' not 'fare'

MsD said...

Ok i take back my comments on your job being "yuck" yesterday.
I'm reminded how amazing your skills are and how in demand they are EVERYWHERE! and how I would be dead today if it wasn't for people like you who bothered to take such grueling measures and work conditions to make such a HUGEEEE difference in people's lives.
So yeh,Hang on dude and though u feel u are not openely appreciated- I thank you for giving up your Christmas and working nights so that you can help keep people alive and be there in case something bad happens during the holiday season (which it usual does).

Kate said...

I second MSD's sentiments, actually. Whilst it sucks working Christmas, know that there are some of us out there that are actually thankful for those of you stuck working to provide us with health and safety.

Grunt said...

I know at least one NHS blogger who closed down because of 'interest', some IT guy at "Anytown NHS trust". Keep up the good work treating those sick people, after all that must be why you became a doc, not for the £500 a month extra? (they cut your pay by £500, what, did you get AfC'd like all the proles?)