Sunday, December 04, 2005

Some people are wankers

i've had some troubling news. i was informed by a good friend that one of our old registrars (senior doctor) committed suicide. we'd both worked with him when we were doing surgery in our first year fresh out of med school. he was a great doctor with the driest sense of humour ever and a glowing career. we always knew he was pretty eccentric and did suffer from depression but obviously something changed over the past year or so. i don't know what and probably never will.

I won't go into the background too much. there's a slightly disparaging article from the local press here about the coroner's report. what's worse, however, is this (scroll down to nov 29th): a frivoulous piece of shit that actually makes light of the fact that he committed suicide.

i'm never one to be PC. but, to belittle and poke fun someone who obviously had severe mental health problems and then TOOK THEIR OWN LIFE is a pretty cheap shot.

needless to say my mate and i have written pretty terse emails to the author of the article. i might post my email on here later.

let me know if you think i'm overreacting. i don't think i am.

on a somewhat brighter note, another good friend has also joined blogdom. you can see his site here, also continuing the white on black colour theme that is slowly becoming the watermark of disillusioned medical blogs. go see the confessions of a venial sinner.

[i am listening to arethra franklin, say a little prayer for you]


Vegas said...

You're not over-reacting at all. It really pisses me off that we work nights and weekends and all the hours that Patricia Hewitt wants us to trying to HELP people, and then when one of us succumbs to whatever mental health/stress issues they have they are ridiculed. These people have no respect, and I hope I never have to treat any of them in my hospital because I don't know if I am ethically strong enough to act impartially.

You can e-mail the editor of the site at and tell them what you think, or leave a comment on their blog.

The Venial Sinner said...

Well, now that I've been outed I suppose I might just as well chip in.

Although obviously in poor taste, I can't help but thinking that if this guy wasn't your friend you might have raised a smirk at the article. After all, it's just a variation of the whole Diana and Dodi or Lockaby air disaster type of jokes that always appear in the immediate aftermath.

Anyway, no hate mail please!

Durga&Michael said...

That artical was sick. Freakin D grade useless wannabe journos!

Fame said...

the poor man

Dr John Crippen said...

That article is dreadful beyond words.The poor bugger. I thought it wa s spoof at first. It isn't. And what, please God, are they doing putting that dreadful, inappropriate advert in the middle of it.


Dr John Crippen said...
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